Kirby Box - First Birthday

Well, Kirby Box is now one year old, which is just amazing to me. I really had a lot of places where I just wanted to stop, and not do it anymore, but those times are behind me, and I'm ready to make the next year the best it can be for Kirby Box.  Happy Birthday to us!

The Past
I first got on the internet sometime around 1995, and the first thing I looked for was Mega Man, which at the time, I was obsessed with. I finally got the internet at my house, and for about a year, I would go to every Mega Man site that was on the internet (ok, maybe not, but it sure felt like it) and in 1996, I got Kirby's Dream Land, and I loved it. I remember playing Kirby's Adventure at my grandparent's house several years before, and then I went on a search on the internet to find a Kirby site somewhere. After 3 years of looking and waiting for a good Kirby site to come up, I started to make one myself using FrontPage 98 Beta version, and for a month, I created files, mostly text-only, and I wrote reviews, made a graphic (yep, only one, which is gone now) and just worked on it until my hands started to bleed (ok, maybe not) and then, after a month of hard work, I put up my 50-files or so up on my space on AOL and I had my site linked from by SMBHQ and the NMC page, and two days after I got done with it, I added a counter and other stuff. That was my first of a ton of updates.

The Future
I have a new update procedure now, I'll do updates to downloads and information to a game, and once I have a guide, a review, a typed-up manual, a enemy, stage and ability list, box art, images, music, screenshots and save states (depends on the system) done for a game, I'll consider that game "covered". I plan to have every game, from Kirby's Dream Land to Super Smash Bros. "covered" by 6.12.00, which right now is the date for Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. I look forward to the future of Kirby Box, and I sure hope you do, too!