Kirby Box's Second Birthday!

--- Kirby Box's 2nd Birthday!
+ - A look back - +
Two years ago, my site looked pretty much like this (that counter counted 1164 hits before I changed it). A year ago, I published the Kirby Box first birthday page. My image editing skills were...very bad, as you can see by going to that page. The site was mostly busy with what was called then "Project: Popstar" which to this day is not finished due to lack of information and files, but it is over 80% complete, which is more than I can say where it was a year ago. This site had tons of information and downloads back then, and it does now, as well. The future is only looking brighter.

+ - A look forward - +
Kirby Box Version 5 is a big leap for the site; it has become incredibly huge in the two years it has been up. It has tons of information by the fans, for the fans. The downloads are also immense, and they will get even bigger in time. The fan area has been made a lot larger, in order to get the fans more interested in Kirby. Soon, Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble will be released, and even before the game has been released, there will be much more information and downloads than any other site. Kirby news has also become more frequent with the amount of games that Kirby has appeared in, and Kirby Box has become the first one to have it (in terms of Kirby sites, anyway). I plan on doing much more fan-related projects for this site in the future. I hope you enjoy Kirby Box Version 5; nearly a year went into it all.

+ - Special Thanks - +
Yup, this is more than just a gloat session ^_^ . Here are some people that have helped me through the last year:
Kindar Spirit - Mike Cutter - Zophar - Cameron Tidd - Randy - Pokep - MooCow013 - Pink Puff Kirby - My family - Everyone who has visited the site and everyone who has contributed something to any Kirby site, you guys (and gals) keep the Kirby commune going!

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