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Kirby's Adventure

=- Stats -=
System: Nintendo
Release date: 1993
Players: 1

=- Review by Nago -=
Kirby's only game on the original NES is a lengthy adventure with new concepts for the Kirby series.

Graphics - Bright and colorful (well, as colorful as the NES can make graphics colorful) and detailed, this game looks nearly as good as a SNES game.

Music/Sound - Some old tunes from Kirby's Dream Land and a lot of new tunes that fit the mood of the game. The sound effects are also very good.

Play Control - The play control is flawless. It might take a couple of minutes to get adjusted to pressing down to gain a power, but you'll get used to in within the first 30 minutes of playing.

Fun Factor - Every stage is very fun to play, and playing around with the powers is also very fun. There are mini games to also have fun in, and the entire game is pretty fun.

Challenge - This game is moderately hard. The stages themselves aren't very hard, just tricky, but the game is long, but thankfully they have save files.

Overall: 9/10
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