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Kirby's Avalanche

=- Stats -=
System: Super Nintendo
Release date: 1995
Players: 1-2

=- Review by Nago -=
A clone of Puyo Puyo (actually, it is more like an make-over using a Kirby theme), this game has lots of replay value and colorful graphics and is a very good game that I fully recommend.

Graphics - Colorful graphics and sprites of Kirby are more like 16-bit versions of Kirby's Adventure sprites, which is disappointing, but OK with me. The pictures are also very good.

Music/Sound - Great Kirby remixes are all over the place in this game, along with a couple of original tunes.

Play Control - The game is simple to control, which is good, so many people can just learn it in a few minutes.

Fun Factor - This game is incredibly fun and it is at its best when two people are playing.

Challenge - This game goes from very easy to incredibly hard, and if you are against a master at the game, you won't have an easy time at all ^_^ .

Overall: 9/10
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