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Kirby's Block Ball

=- Stats -=
System: Game Boy
Release date: 1995
Players: 1

=- Review by Nago -=
One of many remakes of an old game called Breakout, this game has several powers and Kirby enemies and many stages and even bosses, but there should have been more stuff to do, in my opinion.

Graphics - Nice graphics for a Game Boy game in 1995, this game also used the biggest original Game Boy cart size - 8 Megabits, which they probably used by having wonderful graphics.

Music/Sound - Kirby tunes and Kirby remixes are all very good in this game, as are the sound effects.

Play Control - It will take a couple of minutes to fully understand when to do some new tricks in this remake of Breakout, but learning everything else will be a snap for most people.

Fun Factor - This game has many levels full of lots of fun, and I recommend this for long car trips. The mini-games just add to the large amount of fun.

Challenge - The game gets harder as it goes along, but the game shouldn't be too hard at the end.

Overall: 8/10
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