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BS Kirby no Omotya Bako Baseball

=- Stats -=
System: Bandai-Satalliview (SNES add-on, JAPAN ONLY)
Release date: 1997?
Players: 1-2

=- Review by Nago -=
Almost like a lost game during Kirby Super Star's development, this game starts out, oddly enough, on Kirby Super Star's game selection screen, but fades away to the small mini-game. The Satallivew was a Japan-Only SNES add-on in which people could hook up to a channel and play until the "broadcast time" was over.

Graphics - The graphics are OK, nothing spectacular.

Music/Sound - I think there might be 1 track of music, but I'm not sure. There isn't much in the Music department in this mini-game.

Play Control - Very easy, just push a button to swing, and you'll learn in a couple of seconds.

Fun Factor - The game is actually kinda fun. I've played this up to half an hour out of boredom and found myself not being able to quit. Most people probably won't have the same amount of gaming playing as I did, but you might, or you might not, or you might, just give it a try ^_^ .

Challenge - This game provides little challenge, you just need to figure out when to hit the ball and you'll be sure to win.

Overall: X/10 (I can't really rate it seeing on how it is a mini-game, it is just fun, try it out, and you'll either like it or not.)
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