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Kirby's Dream Course

=- Stats -=
System: Super Nintendo
Release date: 1994
Players: 1-2

=- Review by Nago -=
A mini-golf like game with lots of extra things (like powers and enemies) that stars Kirby is a pretty good description of this game. The 1-Player game is OK, but the 2-Player game is much more fun in my opinion.

Graphics - They use new sprites for all the characters, seeing how the view is now a 3-quarters viewpoint. The backgrounds are VERY good, and the enemies also look nice and decently animated.

Music/Sound - Some new tunes and some old remixes fill this game, and the sound effects are also very Kirby-like and good.

Play Control - It will take a couple of tries to figure out how to play, but from there it will be a walk in the park.

Fun Factor - The 1-Player game gets very frustrating sometimes, but the 2-Player game is very fun, because it is like you are playing mini-golf with a Kirby theme.

Challenge - This game, in the 1-Player mode at least, gets to be very frustrating, but only for a short while. I loved the two player mode, though. I didn't like this game as much as the other ones because of the frustration, but maybe you'll have different feelings.

Overall: 7/10
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