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Kirby's Dream Land

=- Overview -=
Created way back in 1992, this was the first of the Kirby games. It had 5 short levels, and a secret hard mode. This game was made for younger players and newcomers in gaming so they could learn the "basics of gaming" and they could get to the ending. This game has no abilities, or animal friends.

=- Stats -=
System: Game Boy
Release date: 1992
Players: 1

=- Review by Nago -=
Kirby's first game is still a very good game to this day.

Graphics - Bright and cheerful, everything in this game was like a ^_^ . The backgrounds were much more detailed then the Mario games back then, and all the characters were animated great.

Music/Sound - There are tons and tons of sounds in this game, and the music is great and fits each stage perfectly.

Play Control - The controls of this game are very tight, and that is about it.

Fun Factor - You can beat this game in about an hour and a half or less, but then you can play the hard mode afterwards, and you can challenge yourself using the debug mode.

Challenge - This game is pretty easy, but it gets harder in hard mode, and you can make it incredibly hard using the debug mode.

Overall: 8/10
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