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Kirby's Super Star

=- Stats -=
System: Super Nintendo
Release date: 1996
Players: 1-2

=- Review by Nago -=
What could possibly be Kirby's best game to date, Kirby's Super star has a total of 9 games within the game, and it has over 20 powers. The game is quite long, but very good.

Graphics - This game looks incredibly well for a system that was slowly dieing. The game has incredible visuals that shouldn't be missed.

Music/Sound - Over 50 songs of new or remixed tunes in this game and over 200 great sound effects make this game awesome in the sound department.

Play Control - There are over 20 powers and about 30 moves for the powers all together, and you can even create a "helper" that is a good version of the enemy that you inhaled, and the helper can be played by the computer or the 2nd player.

Fun Factor - There is tons and tons of stuff to do in this game; there are 60 treasures to collect in the Great Cave Offense, 19 powers to get in Milky Way Wishes, best times to set in Gourmet Race, two hidden areas in Dyna Blade, you can play two very good mini-games, you can find all the hidden areas in Revenge of Meta-Knight, and you can try to defeat everyone in the Arena, and if you beat that, you can get the huge sound test. All in all, this game has tons of fun stuff to do, and it is even better when you have a friend to play as the helper!

Challenge - This game can get incredibly hard, but that is only a couple of times (or, in the case of the arena, all the time), most of the time it is isn't hard or easy, it is in the middle, which is good, because that helps with the Fun Factor in this game.

Overall: 10/10
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