KSS Images

About the images: The images from KSS are more cartoon-like then before, and they have bright colors. The game's manual is over 30 pages long, so there were many pictures to get from it. The game was a smash-hit and HAL's biggest game yet, so they did lots of images for it.

Kirby Images
-Kirby with the beam power
-Kirby with the chef power
-Kirby flying
-Kirby inhaling Waddle Doo
-Kirby jumping
-Kirby with the cutter power
-Kirby is full
-Kirby guarding
-Kirby inhaling
-Kirby running
-Kirby sliding
-Kirby underwater
-Kirby with a star
-Kirby with the parasol power
-Kirby squatting

Other Images
-Cook Kawasaki
-Dyna blade