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Kirby's Star Stacker

=- Stats -=
System: Game Boy 
Release date: 1997
Players: 1-2

=- Review by Nago -=
Kirby's Star Stacker is one of the best puzzle games ever. The game is highly addicting, and is very fun and simple to play.

Graphics - This game has pretty good graphics, they are detailed and well-made.

Music/Sound - There are only a couple of returning songs in this game; most of the tunes are new or highly remixed into something completely different, but that isn't a bad thing; the music is very good and sets the "puzzle mood" and the sound effects are of low amount in this game, but they are all good.

Play Control - The play control is simple; you push a button to switch the game piece around, and the control pad to move the blocks around, and start to pause.

Fun Factor - There are tons of levels in the "Round Clear" mode, the Time Attack mode is very cool, and the Challenge mode is WAY to addicting! The whole game is very fun, mostly due to its simple game controls and high levels of addictive-ness. It is too bad they didn't put at least one more mode in, but what is there is much more than most other puzzle games.

Challenge - The game can get VERY hard (especially on the "insane" setting) and it can also get very easy (especially when the computer tells you where to place the pieces to get a large combo), so it depends on where you are playing at. You won't get incredibly frustrated at the game, but the "insane" setting is a whole other story...

Overall: 9/10
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