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below was the goodbye letter posted 5/4/2001...at the bottom, those words were a throwback to the first words typed on Kirby HQ way back on 3.26.99...I eventually took down this goodbye letter over the summer where i advertised my upcoming projects which never came to be...oh well.
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Kirby Box is closed. Forever? I dunno. Possibly not. If might come back up later in some form or another. Why did it close? Lack of interest and lack of feedback. My real interest in Kirby died last summer, and since then I've frozen the site three times; I think that it goes to show something. I'm not closing because of hatred or anything; it is more like out of love. Kirby HQ (and later Kirby Box) was my baby, and this baby turned two about a month ago. I've seen lots of people come and leave the Kirby community; they come in swarms; when one "generation" of Kirby fans comes in, they stay there for about a half of a year, then lose interest, and move on. Rarely I find "oldbies" in the Kirby community that aren't part of a staff. I've had lots of fun running this website; it taught me lots about running websites. Kirby was a great thing, but when Kirby 64 was a disappointment and Tilt 'n' Tumble was un-playable, I began to wonder: "Why?" Why am I running this site about a game series going down the drain? Why am I running a site that I don't get feedback? Why am I even DOING this? I kept it up for you, the fans, and I rarely got any feedback; I don't blame anyone for the site's "death"-I wasn't a good webmaster in these recent months. I was an "okay" webmaster, and I became content with that. Kirby Box was supposed to be the source of everything Kirby (remember the old saying: Kirby Box: Everything Kirby), and it was, except that the visitors didn't send much in and the webmaster was always busy doing other things. The site has had exactly 23,613 visitors. I'm happy with that; it means that I've spread my work around the world, and now I'm happy, but all good things must come to an end, and this is Kirby Box's.

Thanks: My family, Sarah, Sprout, Bryce, Philip, Yoshi, Antics, Skainter, KRR Staff, Josh, Eric, Paul, Sam, Erin, reidman, everyone who has did something related to Kirby, HAL Labs, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, and last but not least, my fingers.

Don't let my words fill will you with sadness, let them fill you with happiness, and create and learn and make this community better.

I've had lots of fun, and I hope you have too.


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- March 26th, 1999 - May 4th, 2001 -

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