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below was a hiatus i put up for the first three days of may, right before i decided to shut down the site out of overworking and that my general interest in kirby was fading...
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. e - mailsee the site as it was left .

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5.1 - The first day Kirby Box is on hiatus and there is already news. Yippie.
Super Smash Bros. 2 will be unveiled during E3, and that means that I'll
be making a new "Super Smash Bros. 2" section. If you were wondering
why I decided to put Kirby Box on hiatus it is because I'm just kind of out
of Kirby, so to speak. I'm working on other projects which will get out
pretty soon. (around the time of E3, my project will go up) I'm currently
re-doing parts of this site, but at a snail's pace, so that is why it is on hiatus; so
I can say sorry once. Sorry. Anyway, check out this news story on IGN.