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below is a hiatus i put up around early january, and it is accurate at that time period: the alan parson's project wasn't being planned until around the 20th of that month...
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kirby box

ah its another time in my life where my time on the computer is less and less. don't worry though: i'm still devoted to getting kirby box back up, but don't and expect it tomorrow. don't expect it the day after that, either (unless when you are reading this, tomorrow i decide to re-launch; just pretend that that was an ironic joke). anyway, in the mean time, rainbow resort still loves you (as indicated by um...uh...whatever), as does super mario land (which last i heard was relauching on 2/5, but i could be wrong), toastyfrog (which i have just learned is now not-updating for a while), video-senki (which has closed its news doors), and super mario bros. headquarters (who is now run by some crazy guy obsessed with neglected mario characters). i'm sure this list of great, active sites. oh, and you could also play the far-too-addicting and awesome game of pikmin or super monkey ball. and on a final note, all your whining idiots out there just don't look at nintendo release dates anymore; they are making the game better so you don't complain about the game's quality (well then again, i'm sure someone won't like a mass-delayed game, but whatever; they don't count). buh bye, and have a happy day.

- james

- kirby box: hiatus-es-es-es make us haaaapppyyy -