general info
kirby box started on 3.26.99, and closed it's doors on 5.4.01, and re-opened for 12 days from 12.12.01 to 12.24.01. it is now in limbo, its resources may one day be merged into another site, but right now, its dead.

. to my knowledge, kirby box was the first kirby site to get break 1,000 hits, and the first kirby site to get 10,000 hits.

. i ran the site for quite a while until the middle of 2000 where I hired a couple of people: pink puff kirby (the only one that stuck with it, and the only one that gets a cookie from me), madcow013 (also known as bomberkirby), and pika989. if those latter two read this, contact me! i'd love to hear from you guys.

. i was the first one (so in turn, kirby box was the first one to break the news) to find, and make a big deal (probably a bigger deal than i should have) of an overlooked kirby mini-game that was released over the BS-network (BS Kirby no Omotya Bako Baseball).

. the top hit count was something around 250 in one day...i know it doesn't seem like much, but that's pretty good for a site that wasn't plugged at and for a site about the kirby series...

. on a side note, i developed a very odd and disturbing obsession with austin powers 2 during the summer of 2000 (maybe it being the only movie i could see in a hotel room had something to do with it...)

. i've made over 220 updates to kirby box since its inception around 3 years ago..

. i did make a message on 9/11/01, but only for that day...i'm not sure if it is on this hard drive anymore (doesn't really matter, does it?) and if you were wondering, yes, i do think we need to kill mr. laden and put a halt to worldwide terrorism (well, as much as we possibly can)...on a semi-related note, all those people in favor of "greenpeace" and whatnot need to visit places like colorado where are millions of trees, and while they are at it, they just need to stop talking and realize no one really cares about their cause. (yes, i'm one dirty conservative)

. i'd like to thank the following people for their support over the past three years or so: My family, Sarah, Sprout, Bryce, Philip, Steve, Philip, Antics, Skainter, Yoshi, KRR Staff, Josh, Eric, Paul, Sam, Erin, reidman, Mike, IRC channels: #starmen & #earthbound, Pink Puff Kirby, MadCow013, Pika989, SwampGas, Zophar, Lucky7 64, Randy, everyone who has did something related to Kirby, HAL Labs, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, Atari, the US Air Force, GateWay, HP, Xoom, AOL, my fingers, and most of all, i'd like to personally thank Kyle Orland and Jay Resop of, because without them, i wouldn't have lasted six months, and you wouldn't be reading this. i would also want to thank miranda paugh of the mega man home page for giving me the real inspiration to do this, and for running the first site on the internet that i ever visited and actually cared about.