Kirby HQ v1
[ kirby hq v1 ]
The first version of my first site on my first host was actually OK as beginner's sites in the first weeks of inception go. Jay Resop of SMBHQ allowed me to use his Kirby sprite of Kirby walking, so I used that on the sides of the header at the top. I had-made the graphic using paint. At that time, the site was using the default font of computers, which I think was mostly either New Time's Roman or maybe Verdana on some computers. This is shortly before I got my hand's on a lot of images from Kirby's Super Star for my next layout.
Used: 3.26.99-5.26.99

Kirby HQ v2
[ kirby hq v2 ]
The second layout of Kirby Headquarters had more images from Kirby's Super Star (pages not shown). The main page itself was split semi-different; the 10+ sections were all put into bigger sections: The Games, Information, Fan Stuff, and Misc.
This layout used the font Comic Sans MS, to give it a semi-cartoon look. I also got a shorter address, This layout debuted shortly after the announcement of Kirby 64, and shortly before the Kirby 64 media at E3 1999.
Used: 5.26.99-6.12.99 

Kirby HQ v3
[ kirby hq v3 ]
This is a layout I wish I used this one more...not much to say about this one. The links to the different sections were at the bottoms of every page, along with a cute little sprite of a colored Kirby, colored for each section respectively. This was the first layout with the downloads section, and used the Kirby SSB graphic for the main page's title graphic.
Used: 6.12.99-6.17.99

Kirby HQ v4
[ kirby hq v4 ]
This site design was nice...I wish I could give myself more credit, but it was Paintroller's idea, (a person that isn't on the internet anymore) but was originally from The Mushroom Kingdom.
He told me a hacker did it, so I believed him...sometimes I'm just too gullible. Anyway, I asked Paintroller about it, and he just kidna forgot I guess. He was more or less in charge during that time as I was gone a lot during the summer, and he made a bunch of excuses and he was strange, even he admitted to that! ^_^ So blame him. ^_^
Used: 6-17.99-8.13.99

Kirby HQ v5
[ kirby hq v5 ]
A semi-big revision; the page's load times were cut shorter, and the right-side's navigation graphic's were changed, along with lots of formatting changes on the following updates after the re-design.
Used: 8.13.99-9.26.99

Kirby HQ v6
[ kirby hq v6 ]
A huge change from the layouts previous to it, this design relied on some more graphical and JavaScript the the past layouts did. This layout's updates were un-archaviable because they kept on repeating for some reason, but I do know when I started this design, so that is good. ^_^ This was the design that was up when my computer killed itself on October 13th (talk about bad luck). I was unable to update, but I was able to get most of the files and change it into Kirby Box!
Used: 9.26.99-1.22.00

Kirby Box v1
[ kirby box v1 ] [ total layout #7 ]
The first version of Kirby Box was un-viewable in had some nifty cloud graphics and such, but I had to change it so Netscape users could see it...funny, I really liked this layout, but it wasn't up for very long, like the third layout of Kirby HQ...
Used: 1.22.00-3.4.00

Kirby Box v2
[ kirby box v2 ] [ total layout #8 ]
The second and longest-lasting layout as of that time. It used Century Gothic, just because it looked good when it was small and it took less to load then Comic Sans MS. It was also the first of two layouts to use a light-blue colored text. I really liked this layout, so that is why I never changed it for such a long time, but I did change the updates format a couple of times, though.
Used: 3.4.00-9.19.00

Kirby Box v3
[ kirby box v3 ] [ total layout #9 ]
A semi-better design while the archive and files section were under construction, but they got to boring to work on, and they were trashed at that point in time...

Used: 9.19.00-12.27.00

Kirby Box v4
[ kirby box v4 ] [ total layout #10 ]
This was basically a layout to get the news out real quick, which I excelled at, and later became one of Kirby Box's main points of intrest through the five months it was up during 2001. Below the ad banner was a "current spotlight" which I kept meaning to change, but I never got around to. I think it's one of the best layouts I have ever had, since it is pretty efficient while still having a good amount of graphics in it.
Used: 1.1.01-3.26.01

Kirby Box v5
[ kirby box v5 ] [ total layout #11 ]
I think this is the best layout I've had for a website, but whatever. It was fast-loading, the graphics were good and created a Kirby's Super Star-kind of feel to it, the navigation was moved to the top for the first time, and I got some unique fonts for the navigation as well. Unfortunately, this version never really took off and I closed the site in early May until mid-December, where I made a couple of updates before putting it on hiatus for a large redesign that never got all the way done, because it was around then that plans for The Alan Parson's Project were forming...
Used: 3.26.01-5.4.01, 12.12.01-12.24.01