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Here are some links to some of the best pages in their respective subjects...I'm not taking link requests right now, SO DON'T E-MAIL ME ABOUT IT. Thank you. ^_^

+ - Kirby's Rainbow Resort + -
A great site, this site's sister site. Although they might have less information, they sure do have a lot more fan content, so if you are after that, go there.

+ - Grape Garden + -
Another good Kirby site, Grape Garden has lots of stuff, so visit them!

+ - Fontalicious + -
The place where I got the "Porky's" font for the navigation bar on the top of all the pages; this guy is awesome at doing fonts, but some of the fonts might not be completely appropriate for all ages. Heh.

+ - IGN + - and are the two Nintendo IGN sites, and they have a lot of stuff, including news, but some days, the news stories are bad because of a slow news day, but they are still great sites.

+ - SMBHQ + -
One of the best Super Mario sites, and one of the past hosts of this site, they have a huge site that is very well-done.

+ - TMK + -
Another great Mario site, they have many more downloads than SMBHQ does, and nearly as much information (actually, both sites have tons and tons of information, I can't tell which one has more)

+ - Bombermania + -
A great Bomberman / B-Daman site.

+ - Zophar's Domain + -
THE best emulation site. Period. (and oh yeah, they are hosting me, too)

+ -  Metriod Database + -
The best Metriod site ever, visit now or taste the wrath of Samus...or don't, but I strongly suggest you check their site out.

+ - Mega Man Home Page + -
The first site I ever was truly interested in, back when I first got on the internet, WWWAAAYYY back in Spring of 1995. Mandi's site is probably one of the biggest sites on the 'net by now, and the best Mega Man site ever.

+ - Zelda HQ + -
A Zelda site that is also the oldest, but unlike MMHP, they aren't the best right now.

+ - + -
The best source of Zelda stuff on the planet.