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                                Welcome to Kirby Headquarters!

Kirby Headquarters, is the place for Kirby stuff! Here you will find Reviews, Previews, Bio's of the people in the Kirby Universe, Pictures, and alot of other stuff. Click on the links above and learn all sorts of things about Kirby. Reviews, are reviews of the games, Previews are previews of upcoming games, The Kirbypedia is filled with all sorts of information, like pictures, articles and codes. The Character Bio's, is filled with biography's of people from Popstar. The poll, is, well, a poll! The Name Game tests your skill with names. And last, is the Misc. section, there is the rest of the stuff. I hope you enjoy it! If you have questions, comments, threats, or if I have a broken link or a Grey background, e-mail me.

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