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Update Archive: Below is the update archive, unedited. There is a total of 220 archive-able updates, but there was about 15 or so updates that I couldn't archive around Fall of 99, so the number of updates for Kirby Box may never be known, but I suspect it would be something around 235...also beware of the stupid navigation system I had for navigating these three pages...

total # of updates for 2001: 24

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Past Updates
- update -
The Kirby's Adventure section now has over 20 screenshots. This is the last update for the week because I'll be gone for the rest of the week, but I bet you are wondering why this small update took so long, and I'll tell you why. One, I'm lazy, and two, I've been working hard on the New Year's Day re-design, new content that will go up with it, and organizing the fan section, so don't go and cry because I'm only doing screenshot updates. Thank you very much and have a happy <whatever you celebrate>.

- update -
Kirby's Dream Course and Kirby's Dream Land have massive screenshot updates (about 70 screenshots in all). In the next couple of days expect a Kirby's Adventure and Kirby's Dream Land 3 screenshot update around the size of this one, and possibly along with some other small stuff. I would again like to thank the returning visitors to this site, and have a happy holidays (unless you don't get to own Super Smash Bros. Melee, then you have my immense and total pity...).

- update -
The BS Kirby no Omotya Bako Baseball section has got a shot in the arm, it now has a guide and screenshots, and unless there is any real new music in that mini-game (which I doubt, but the title screen music I'm not sure if it is a remix or the same music from another game, if you do know what it is, tell me!), making the section pretty much complete. As I've said before, count on some screenshot updates to all the games along with some other small stuff before I revamp some of the list pages. A large redesign for this site will take place on New Year's Day if everything goes just peachy, so look out for it. Oh, and on a side note: Pink Puff Kirby, please e-mail me!

- update -
Just some news for y'all: first off, there have been some rumors that Flippin' Kirby has been delayed until really late into 2002/early 2003, and I just want to say there has been no news about the title, so don't worry you're pretty little heads. Second of all, if everything just goes peachy-keen, then you'll be seeing a new design for Kirby Box on the first of next month. That will be all. Expect some screenshot updates soon, along with some sections getting graphical updates to their list pages, and expect some major updates over the holiday break starting next week. This marks the fifth update since I've re-opened this site, and I thank everyone for returning to this site; it gives me more incentive to work on it, and I promise you won't be disappointed with the next re-design (unless you hate change and happen to not like it, because then I don't know what to tell you).

- update -
Whoa! Two updates in one day! Well, for one, I have that little notice above about my e-mail address change, and I have no idea why the e-mail address I posted before isn't working. But that's besides the point. My new e-mail address is nago_kb@yahoo.com . I also updated because I read this article on gamespot (thanks penny-arcade for pointing this out). I think that article alone is probably the best game-related piece of digital literature out there right now. Go show that article to all your PS2 and Xbox-obsessed friends (I'm not saying PS2/Xbox owners are bad, I'm just saying the ones that have either one of those systems and is ignorant and puts down the GC...um...yeah, I'm done now). Expect some sort of update this weekend, and have a good night.

- update -
You may be wondering why I have the Flippin' Kirby text on the games page and not a link. Well, for one, there is no information, and for two, I don't think anyone wants to see a blank page when they click on a link, because I can't really write down much besides that it hooks up to the GBA for control, and the two systems interact with each other, it'll star Kirby, and it'll be for the GameCube. In other, more content-related news, Kirby's Star Stacker manual has been added (I actually got that done a long time ago, and I wondered why I didn't until I realized that: 1) I'm lazy. 2) I couldn't find the original file because it was named oddly and 3) Eventually we'll all die and the sun will explode and Earth will be a block of ice spewing through a universe of infinite blackness, so none of this actually matters, but it does keep you and me busy, so...yeah). Oh, and a small other thing; all the list pages I made the content for have the outdated e-mail address, so....um...just use the contact/submit page (link to the right of this update column) to get my e-mail address if you want to send me anything.

- update -
New stuff today. Super Smash Bros. Melee page has been added, and Kirby's Star Stacker finally got the box art image. Be sure to tell everyone that Kirby Box is back updating again, because I'm pathetic and can't do advertising because I'm lazy. Hey, at least I'm honest. =D

Now I bet this wasn't what you were expecting. Right now I'm trying to make the next version of this now-revived site, but I promise near-daily updates...why did I revive the site? Well, for one, I needed something to do. Second, is because after KB closed down, I think the standard for Kirby sites was lowered, as some Kirby sites didn't update as much before I closed this site down, among other reasons. Anyway, all the content from before is here (actually, it never was brought down...). Please make a note that my new e-mail address is james_log@yahoo.com . Now, go play some more Super Smash Bros. Melee and leave this pretty un-kept and crappy site, but be sure to at least send me an e-mail before you go: feedback was something that I wish I got more of earlier this year, and it eventually was one of the reasons that led to the downfall of this site, so send me an e-mail! (and if Pink Puff Kirby can read this, send me an e-mail so we can talk about the future of the site) Oh, and yes, there will be an actual update tomorrow or Friday, so don't worry your little heads off (I know you wouldn't, but pretend you're worried to make me feel like someone is actually concerned about this site).

- update - This week hasn't been very good for me, time-wise, so that explains the lack of updates. I think I can only have time to update every 3 days (like I did before), so expect an update on the 30th (it will be a good-sized update, don't worry). Today's update is Kirby's Avalanche Screenshots.

- update - Kirby's Star Stacker list pages have all been re-formatted. I'm not sure what is going on with Hyperzone...Pink Puff Kirby, please e-mail me!

Well, it turns out you CAN play Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble on Game Boy Advance, and my source was wrong. But here is some REAL Kirby news: In the May issue of Nintendo Power, Kirby 64 got the third prize for "Best Action Game" (it was on Page 92). And that is the only prize it got, but on Page 10, Kirby got 8th place on how many times he has been on the cover, and he has been on the cover 4 times. One last thing in the May issue (man, 3 Kirby things in one issue? Wow.) On page 18, they have a picture of the pink Game Boy Advance, which looks oddly like the Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble cartridge. That is all for now. Another update will be made today, I just wanted to post this news up.

- update -
I'm sorry about the lack of updates, but it can't be helped. List pages KSS through KTNT have been re-colored, but not re-formatted. The re-formatting is a large project that I'll need another couple of weeks to completely finish. Here is some news: Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble may or may not be compatible with the Game Boy Advance, due to its special chips. Also, I don't think it is likely for us to see a Kirby game on the horizon any time soon, so that is why I'm taking the time now to re-format all those pages and add a lot of stuff to the site. I'm going to try to get some of the games without much to them, like Kirby's Avalanche, Kirby's Star Stacker, etc. done first, so there is some stuff for you guys and gals to check out. Expect something to be done by tomorrow. 

- update - My stupid computer hasn't been able to get on the internet, and that is out of my power, so sorry. I have made an article about the state of the Kirby commune, which is a must-read if you are even remotely interested in Kirby (which you must be if you are visiting here). Click here for the article. I'll have a real update tomorrow, don't worry...I've been working all over the place on this site, doing small revisions, so everything will be re-uploaded tomorrow next update.

Sorry for not updating yesterday, I was very busy yesterday... Well, today's update is medium-size. Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble content has been added / changed in the item list, and now that section is complete (until another Kirby game comes along, that is), and I have 35 screenshots of Kirby's Star Stacker. I hope this tides you guys over until next Friday. And on a side-note (heh) Hyperzone, the fan section, has been uploaded, and hopefully everyone will contribute to it and keep it going. Have fun, and take care of yourselves, and check out my blog (blue jazz, link is to the right) to see what I'm doing in good ol' Colorado ^_^ .

- update - New Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble screenshots, this time going up to the 2nd world. (yeah, yeah, I know, not too far into the game, but there is a lot of them-over 60!) There is also lots of new Kirby's Block Ball screenshots, too.

Some new Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble stuff has been posted in the Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble Section, including the start of the item and stages lists, USA Logo Art, and Box Art. Hyperzone will be up by this Friday at the latest, and expect some more Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble Screenshots!

- update -
Content pages Kirby's Dream Land through Kirby's Super Star have been converted to a new, faster-loading format, but the ads still have been added to those pages. Also, the update archives have been changed a bit, and I counted how many updates were in the past year, and added that total to that page, and I also counted how many updates to this site there have been, and this is the 204th update! Cool, huh?

- update - Ok, tonight I just went crazy and did 17 screenshots of Kirby's Super Star intro. Progress on Hyperzone is continuing (as usual). I don't want to make some deadline, because I have this big paper that I have to do by Wednesday...and I haven't started...at least I exert my boredom by updating this site, huh? ^_^ By the way, incase you didn't know, Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble is in stores on the 9th, but if your local video game store doesn't have it, don't worry about it; it will come out within the next week. I also would like to thank all the visitors to this site over the last 5 days although I never updated. Updates will resume now until next Friday, when I leave for spring break until the following Friday.

- update -
All the ads work now (I know this is just ssssooo exciting for so many people ^_-). That is about it for this update. I'm working on getting some more Block Ball and Tilt 'n' Tumble Screenshots done, as well as transferring the existing screenshots. Hyperzone is probably going to go up this weekend if all goes well (it is, right now, anyway).

- update -
I'm defiantly not in the website mood right now (I've worked on this site for the past two months doing version 5) but I have taken 39 screenshots of Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble and I've posted the Kirby's Super Star Japanese Box Art. I'm still trying to make these ads work...>_<

- update -
Some new stuff: New screenshots for Kirby's Block Ball (the entire first world is now in screenshots). I also forgot what game I said was reviewed / had a guide for it in NP, well, as many of you probably guessed, it was Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble. Hyperzone progress is continuing, but I really want to do more content updates like this one.

- update -
Breaking news! The April issue of Nintendo Power has a guide up to level 2-4 on pages 70-75 and a review of the game on page 116, where they gave the game a 4 out of 5 stars. >_< I can't blame them; the game gets a little bit of time getting used to it, but then it gets easier, but hey, I'm just a webmaster... The images for the game look a lot like the ones from Star Stacker, but I'm still going to try to get some images (if only my dumb scanner would work!) and stuff. Expect some screenshots and some progress on Hyperzone on the next update.

- update -
Ok, I've fixed some stuff around here, and the Hyperzone fan section is next; it would have been somewhat up today, but I had a lot of homework... I'm also going to try to get the ads to work...

- update - Finally! After several months of work, Kirby Box version 5 is now here! In 
case you are wondering how to navigate through this version of Kirby Box, I'll tell you:
Main is this place. It has all the site stuff, including the news, misc. stuff, The 
Weekly Fluff archives, FAQ of the site, and contact information.
The Games section is the section with all the information and downloads that are 
about the games, and is the biggest part of Kirby Box, and the Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble section will, very soon, have 40 screenshots from the Japanese version!
Hyperzone is the fan area, ran by Pink Puff Kirby, is where all the editorials, 
fan art, fan fiction, etc. are. It is updated independently from this site. It currently isn't up, but it is the main focus of work on the site, so it will be up soon, and when it is, please contribute to that part of the site!
Pastel Set is a Kirby webring that hopefully other sites will join.
This is probably (yes, I know you've heard that one lots of times) the final 
version of this site, as I am now doing a collective at sites at my domain name, 
dekabu^net! If you have any time, be sure to visit my collective, and e-mail me 
with comments of this new version of Kirby Box.
There is still lots of work to be done, I know. Several parts of The Games section isn't up yet, and Hyperzone is still under construction. Unfortunately, I got my braces on today, so I might not update tomorrow (my teeth are so messed up it isn't' even funny). Please check out the 2nd Birthday Celebration, you'll be glad you did, and have fun with the site, I did a lot of work slave labor on it ^_-.

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