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3.7.2001 - The secret project is Kirby Box version 5. It includes everything that is on the current site, along with a Fan area sub-site and a nearly-complete Games section.  I'm about 80% done with the Games section, which is my main focus right now. I advise everyone to get IE5 or NN6. Hopefully by 3.26, Kirby Box's 2nd birthday, version 5 will be up. Right now, I need some help: I need a complete enemy list for Kirby's Block Ball and Kirby's Super Star, and the box art for Kirby's Super Star. I thank everyone for continuing to visit the site when it wasn't updated, and I apologize for not updating as much. I advice people to take a look at my blog to see if I need anymore help from here until the 26th. See ya, and don't play in traffic.

Nago |
I really can't think of anything to update about on this site...I can't even think of a topic for the Weekly Fluff...but my progress on the biggest secret project is now about 50%-60%. I'll probably reveal what I'm doing soon. Be patient, you'll be glad I took the time on this project.

Nago |
These projects will blow your mind. Seriously. I'll probably make a preview of them sometime late this month. But I've gotten a bit off task (as usual) and finally created my nifty blog over at my geocities account. Instead of the Weekly Fluff this week, check that out. I might leak a couple of clues as to what my projects are...

Nago |
I completely forgot the weekly fluff and to update the site. Sorry. ^_^;;; I've been working on some VERY cool projects as of late, they look fantastic, and will probably double or triple the size of the site, as well as some other plans for stuff not related to this site...I thank everyone for their patience, it WILL pay off, I promise! ^_^ Anyway, check out The Weekly Fluff for a bit of more details, but not much, I want to keep this a secret!

Nago |
The FAQ section was updated, as well as the "Other Stuff" section was uploaded. The Game Profiles section will be coming TBA. I know everyone will like it...I hope. ^_^;;;

Nago |
Everything has been so SLOW...I might add some .WAVs later this week just to have an excuse to update...anyway, today's update is news that will bring a smile to everyone's faces (except maybe Pokemon fan's faces):
From Nintendo Power Issue 141, (February), the last sentence of the Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble article (the rest just explained the game) :
Kirby is scheduled for release in the first half of April.
So it looks like Tilt 'n' Tumble will stay being a Kirby game. (screams of joy)

Nago |
Nothing really new to do here...I found one out of two scanner plugs, which is good. I updated the Weekly Fluff as well as link back to the older archives of updates from Kirby Box in the past updates page. Buh bye now.

Nago |
I was looking at the past updates today out of curiosity, and, it turns out today is the day Kirby Box "returned from the dead"! It is also the first "birthday" of The Weekly Fluff here at Kirby Box. Cool, huh? Well, I finally found my scanner, and a ton of CDs for my '95 computer, the CD for my scanner, and I was pretty happy, that is, until I couldn't find the cords to my scanner >_< . Oh well. I decided to just record some .WAVs instead, so I added some: KDL2 Save Screen and KDL2 Kirby Dance (longest version). That is it for now. I'll keep looking for my cords to my scanner...they have to around here somewhere...

Nago |
New MP3s...not a lot, I lost a couple on my computer... Now I am a sad person. Oh well, the two new MP3s are pretty nifty: Gourmet Race Track 1 and 3 : Orchestrated and the Kirby stage music from Super Smash Bros! Check it all out in the new MP3 section! One of these days I'm going to hook up my scanner and go crazy with scans, I'll probably scan in some Kirby guides that were in Nintendo Power or something, and that Members-only issue page that talked about Kirby's Pinball Land.

Nago |
I didn't update yesterday, mostly because I couldn't do much. I can't find my Game Boy Kirby games to take .WAVs, the old computer hasn't linked up with this one, so I don't have access to the MP3s, and no one has submitted anything =( . The Weekly Fluff is up now, and it is a little more personal than in the past.

Nago |
My new computer is now on the internet! Actually, it was for a couple of days, but I lost my password to the site (yes, I know, stupid, forgive me), so I had to ask Pink Puff Kirby. She gave me the password, and I am eternally grateful to her. A new Weekly Fluff has been posted for last Friday. Oh, and yes, my interent connection is a DSL line, meaning that uploading will be around seven times faster than on my puny 28.8k modem like I used to have. See you later!

Nago |
My stupid FTP program crashed last night during the uploads of the pictures section, so I decided to re-upload them all again today. Sorry about that. I don't have anything to really add today, just that "news"... When my new computer comes, I'll upload the remaining two sections. I also will be taking new .WAVs later this month if I'm "in the mood" and post them up here. I would like it if some people would e-mail me some editorials, manga pics, merchandise pics, etc. I also have a new e-mail address: I won't have much longer, but I will still have the IM name of Skirbyy. That is all for now. Bye.

Nago |
The pictures section was added today, as well as the FAQ being updated. Sorry about the wait, my FTP wasn't working last night. Also, I forgot to add the Weekly Fluff last week, so it too has been updated. Work on the Game Profiles section is beginning, I don't want to take a guess on when it will be up because I'm very busy this week now that the semester is coming to a close (this semester ends later then others...). Also, I'm getting Monday and Friday off from school, so I'll have some more time to update then. I'll still try to update as much as possible, but bare with me. Thanks.

Nago |
Sorry for not updating. I got burned out from updating and nothing new has really happened in a while, so I decided not to update. It turns out that I'm be getting my new computer early this week. Give me a day to transfer everything I need to the new computer, and then I'll add the MP3 section...I decided that I'll launch the pictures section possibly today, and if not today, tomorrow. I thank you all for your patience and comments, no matter if they were negative or positive. You guys keep me going.

Nago | I came up with a bigger plan for the game profiles section yesterday. (you can read about it in :: clear blue ::) I'm going to add the 4 lists (ability, item, enemy, and stage) to each page of the game profiles section, but that is it. I don't want to turn this site back into an informational archive. When I get my new computer, I'll upload the pictures and MP3s section...I still haven't found any odd stuff, so I've deleted that until I come across something (I've looked for a while for some odd stuff, and haven't found it).

Nago | I went through all those disks and there are six brand new .WAVs in the .WAVs section. Please send in some editorials, so there is more stuff for people to check out. Also, please tell some people about this website, I want the word to get around about the site.

Nago | Sorry for not updating yesterday, I was busy looking for a new computer...that means the MP3 section would go up...and another section, which I've decided to bring back, and that would be the pictures section. I think I'm the only one that scans in the pics, fixes them up, and puts them on the internet. As for that Nintendo Power thing, here is exert, I'll get the scans on my new computer (which I'll get this weekend):
"Kirby's Pinball is probably the best video pinball game yet. The three boards are all fun to play on, and the minigames are great."
-Online Pro, Dan Owsen
One little thing, though, he called it Kirby's Pinball, and not Kirby's Pinball Land. Weird. (above exert copyright Nintendo Power, etc.) No update this morning, this afternoon I'll have some stuff. This is a new kind of thing I'm going to try out: two updates a day for this site. The morning update will be small, mostly news stories, while the afternoon update will be bigger. Keep gaming, and remember, unless you want to, don't play it loud, it upsets other people. Older Nintendo fans will laugh at that last joke, or think I'm insane, and newer fans will just think I'm insane. 

Nago | This site is getting update frequently so more .WAVs today for your enjoyment. These "new" .WAVs were taken way back in the summer of 1999! These are just on about half of the disks that I found with the .WAVs...hopefully more coming soon. By the way, for all you people who don't have a subscription to Nintendo Power, tomorrow I'm going to try to get the excerpt that a NP Staff member said about Kirby's Pinball Land and a scan of the pages that it was on. Thanks for all your compliments, I hope this version of KB will go a lot smoother then other before.

Nago| Kirby Box re-launches again today. Instead of being focused on Kirby info., downloads, etc. Instead, it is more focused on Kirby fandom, a small amount of files, odd Kirby stuff, humor and Japanese Kirby stuff. If you want all the info. that was on Kirby Box, check out Rainbow Resort (which I'm now a staff member at).

To help everyone with the "new site", here is an overview:
Game Profiles - Short Profiles of each Kirby game, with a review, overview, and screenshot for every page.

MP3s - A vast collection of Kirby MP3s to play on WinAMP or a similar program. They aren't going up until I get my DSL line, but I already have a good amount of Kirby MP3s.

.WAVs - Another vast collection of music, this time it is .WAVs, recorded by my microphone.

Manga - Images of Kirby Manga from the land of the rising sun.

Merchandise - Images and information on different pieces of Kirby merchandise.

Odd Stuff - Weird Kirby stuff. Section not up yet.

The Weekly Fluff - The "famous" column mostly directed toward gaming, Kirby, and websites.

Editorials - Currently the only pure fan-submit section, the editorials section has smart opinions of people about video gaming, Kirby, etc.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about this site.

Contact / Submit - Want to send anything in? Check out this section.

<building of KB version 4 is completed and tested during this time>

12/25/2000 12:01 AM
...Update by Pink Puff Kirby
Merry Christmas, I guess my CCUs are over! and my gift to you is... a warping link to the time capsule room, It ain't ready yet though.. and what comes with it is... nothing.. but!! Wait for new year Updates Tommorrow!! Merry christmas!!! Deck the halls with.... lalala My Christmas Special: Click here

12/24/2000 60:05 AM
...Update by Pink Puff Kirby
Sure!! Did I say every hour? oh sorry, just wait for my Gift! My Christmas Special: Click here

12/23/2000 10:08 PM
and it starts..Update by Pink Puff Kirby
My christmas constant updates (CCU) start now. first, I'll keep you updated every hour and I'll also be a santa claus! (if you know what I mean) My Christmas Special: Click here

The final chapterUpdate by Pink Puff Kirby
final chapter of my christmas special!! here's good news for you guys i'll probably update at christmas and christmas eve a lot!! like this time bla bla My Christmas Special: Click here

StuffUpdate by Pink Puff Kirby
Gosh, Still the Updates are pretty scarce. Two Things to tell ya': One, after Christmas, I'll Make the Kirby Box's Time Capsule, It's my section to, like, preserve updates and stuff, both from Kirby box and other Kirby sites, Just in case they go to a deep sleep, get lost in cyberspace, or completely die. And also for another reason: to show some memories. and two, My christmas special doneis updated. My Christmas Special: Click here

The Christmas Special etc. Update by Pink Puff Kirby
Oh Finnally! The Christmas spirit has reached Kirby box, After a long time! anyway, I updated My Christmas Special: Click here

Links, Otaku, Fan Stuff, and a pinch of holiday spirit.
Update by Nago
No weekly fluff this week because of my new site launching later today. A link will be added to this page when the new site goes up. The links section has been updated, as well as thoughts, and poll sections have been updated, and the toys section has also been updated. How do you like the "holiday feel" of this page now? Fun? Cool? Annoying? Tell me!

The Christmas Special. Update by Pink Puff Kirby
The Christmas Special.. Part is now here!!! Click here to see it.

Your patience has paid off Update by Nago
All but the Message Board is up in the Fan Stuff section. Thanks for your patience, and keep visiting and feel free to send in all the stuff you want. Also, the Weekly Fluff has been posted for last Friday (I worked on this update from Friday to today, so I forgot to put that up.). I have noticed one thing though. The Otaku section isn't getting a lot of attention, so all you people out there with pictures of Manga, or merchandise, etc. send them in! Oh yeah, and there is a notes part of this page now. It has little comments about the site and later, Kirby games release dates.

Some stuff and more stuff Update by Nago
Ok, I have to study for some tests and do a lot of stuff that I didn't think I had to do tonight, so this update is scarce. I updated the Site FAQ and links pages. I'm sorry that I didn't get the Fan Stuff sections up. The Archive and Files section are pretty far along, expect them up by the end of the month, but don't give your hopes up. The end of the semester is coming up, complete with not-so-fun tests and stuff, so I'll be stressed out later this month.

The 3-day updates are back Update by Nago
Ok, starting today, I'm going to update every 3 days, and a Weekly Fluff update on Friday, like before. Today's update is yesterday's Weekly Fluff, and poll results.

Stuff Update by Pink Puff Kirby
Alright, if i'm correct, this webpage is now fixed and is also compatible to Netscape, Phew! Thanks to this new re-launch. Anyway, i'm STILL waiting for the fan stuff section to be fully operational. When it's open again, watch out for my christmas special fanfic. Also, i'm gonna try to give the site some christmas spirit, when it's 3/4 finished. I was supposed to give this site a thanksgiving theme but, I was too late. I wish this was Really an update, but of course, it's just a message.

I'm Back Update by Pink Puff Kirby
I'm Finally back to cheer ya up (or do i?)!! Anyway, Kirby box has Finally (again) re-launched and Nago is Having a hard time building it up (again). I'm here to entertain you guys for a while and i'm also waiting for the fan stuff section to open.

Poll results and more Update by Nago
New poll results, and I'm sorry about not getting up fan-submitted stuff, I'm getting really busy all of a sudden. I'm pretty sure the Fan Art I got will be up tomorrow.

Fan Art Sections back up Update by Nago
After a bit of work, the Fan Art section are back up, so send all your Fan Art to me!

Little bit of news Update by Nago
I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow and most of Friday, so don't expect updates on those days. I don't have a real content update today, but I will when I get the next chance to update.

I'm sure I make this look easy Update by Nago 
Finally, Kirby Box has re-launched, for what? The 1000th time? I don't think there will be a design change after this big one. The site is mostly the same, except The Games and Information sections have been combined into the Archive section. The Archive section is currently down because of a great idea I had that will make it much, much cooler, so you'll just have to wait for a while. The downloads section is now the Files section (which is down for a short while as well), and the Otaku section is a new section covering the Kirby merchandise from Japan and beyond. The Fan Stuff section is now more of the focus of the site, due to the fact I can put in Fan Fictions and Fan Arts within 5 min. of getting it, because there is a brand-new system for fan submissions, so send in all you have, I'll be sure to put it up the next day, or the very latest, 3 days after you sent it in. I don't think any other Kirby site can promise you that. (Of course, if there is something going on that prevents me from doing this, I'll put it up here for everyone to see.) Please look around, and if anything is weird or messed up, tell me.


I made a boo-boo last time I updated a screwed up the current design...looks like I'm not having good luck with design at all...oh well. Anyway, I'm beginning to start another new design, but this one is much better and is better organized then the one I planned on posting. The new re-make's completion % is right above the word updates, as you can see now.
9/19/2000 ~ Update by Nago


it is..completed!!!!

My Story is done!!! I don't know about nago but... I Think Fall would be OK for Kirby Box. Now Go on, Read it!!
9/17/2000 ~ Update by Pink Puff Kirby


And when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset...

...I update! Well, the new design was supposed to go up today, but when I checked seemed that ALL my .htm pages were empty...meaning, no remake. Life sucks. On the lighter side of things, you'll be getting the content I made for the remake throughout the next week, if things work well. Again, I'm sorry for the mix up, and remember, I'm mad know, around this time last year my computer killed itself, so it seems fall is not a good time for Kirby Box...
9/16/2000 ~ Update by Nago


2 to the finale

I've updated the story and that means ... one last part for just a team! Hooray! Any Way sorry i did'nt update yesterday... I forgot! HAHAHA!!!
9/16/2000 ~ Update by Pink Puff Kirby


...Silence....I can't stand it!!!

Ok, It seems Autumn is Starting, But even if it dose'nt start yet, I changed the Banner autumn! and I added a saved game.
9/11/2000 ~ Update by Pink Puff Kirby


Contacting .....

Ok, Now I'm on my own for a few (i hope) days.
9/9/2000 ~ Update by Pink Puff Kirby


La la la~ lA?

Ahhh!! Why dose'nt anyone update this place, anyway i'm trying to change the banner and I also put another part of the story!
9/7/2000 ~ Update by Pink Puff Kirby



Hello everybody. I am Twister (formally known as MooCow013). As some of you may know, I'm the one who made a bunch of the animation on this site . Anyway, I'm another staff member here, and I've added some more animations today. Check 'em out if you want.
8/29/2000 ~ the twister has struck . . .


I'm *STILL* continuing...

Ok, Once I've finished my story, I'll move on to other stuff. Do you know my update for today?..... That's right, you guessed it (i think) another story.
8/29/2000 ~ Update by Pink Puff Kirby


I'm continuing...

Umm... well, so sorry for the lack of updates.. I sure would like to update 2x a day! Anyway, I fixed the main page a bit and added yet another part of the story.
8/27/2000 ~ Update by Pink Puff Kirby


The Storyteller has come...

Well, Hello! Pink Puff Kirby Here! How are you doing? Fine? oh, ok, Anyway i'm part of the staff, too. I wrote that Long Story "Just a team" You know, The series? Well anyway, I'm going to update it Right now. That's My update!!!
8/25/2000 ~ Update by Pink Puff Kirby


The status of Kirby Box and me...

Ok, you've probably noticed a lack in updates...the staff *should* be updating by now (hint, hint)...well, I'm planning this really nifty remake of Kirby Box, with a nifty new design, etc. Tons of new stuff will be included too, including a fan-submitted video guide of Kirby's Adventure!...anyway, I'll see you later.
8/18/2000 ~ Update by Nago


Game screenshots and stuff

I'm one of the staff here at kirby box...and I do some of the graphics. (I made the current splash). Well what I am planning to do is add more Screenshots in upcoming days. Expect more Dream Land 2 and Block Ball ones soon. All the screenshots I made myself, so you probably won't see them anywhere else. I may also make more screenshots for other games, we'll see.
8/13/2000 ~ Update by Pokep


The Kirby game with a long name!

Well, I'm pretty much done with that Kirby baseball game with a long name that I'm to lazy to copy and paste from yesterday's update. Anyway, I got the "guide" and screenshots done and up today...and oh yeah, Weekly Fluff added, and now we are the "brother" site to Rainbow Resort, mostly because we are blue...kinda like that Happy Happy Cult in Earthbound...
8/11/2000 ~ Update by Nago


BS Kirby no Omotya Bako Baseball: Long name, Fun Game

I found a never before mentioned Kirby game! It is called BS Kirby no Omotya Bako Baseball, which is a baseball game that stars Kirby. For more information, go to the new BS Kirby no Omotya Bako Baseball page, and I also updated the Kirby 101 page for that game. Now go have fun!
8/10/2000 ~ Update by Nago



I actually did the update that I said that I did for the MIDI page...sorry about that. I'll add the stuff in my mailbox in a while, I'm still pretty worn-out and tired.
8/9/2000 ~ Update by Nago


I'm back, for good.

Ok, I'm still quite tired and such. Today's update is pretty big...and also, the staff will start updating pretty soon, so updates from me will be less (it hasn't been a vacation for me for the past week...). Anyway, here is the update: New SPC Page, go check it out, as well as a new save state. Also, the MIDI page has been updated with some more MIDIs...I have some stuff for an update in my mailbox, so I'll put that up soon...
8/7/2000 ~ Update by Nago



Sorry for not updating yesterday and the day before and the day before, I was tired and busy with other projects all at the same time...I would like if you people could stop sending me fan stuff submissions for a couple of days...I'm trying to get content updates the Kirby Super Star Manual...any way, here is the update: Fan Arts, Poll results, new thought, comic, fan fiction, and a new link. The rest of the stuff in my mailbox will come later...well, I'm leaving tomorrow...don't send too much stuff into my mailbox while I'm gone...thanks.
7/26/2000 ~ Update by Nago


Go, Go, Go for the doughboy! 

Poll results are up...and lots of them this time, another KSSS petition signature, and I've added viewing instructions to the site info. page, I've changed the splash page, changed the banner (duh), added a link, and added some animated gifs.
7/22/2000 ~ Update by Nago


OH MY...! 

Ongoing story mailbag edition, a Kirby 64 magazine ad in the media section, and a KSSS petition signature are in today's update...big update coming tomorrow... 
7/21/2000 ~ Update by Nago


Pink cart. 

Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble is to have a pink cartridge...go see on
7/18/2000 ~ Update by Nago


I'm here...and now I'm gone 

I'm in my new home in Ohio...updating from the old machine, and not from my laptop, still. Well, now that I'm back, I have to leave for 3 days, then I'm coming back here, and I'll have a bunch of huge updates. I'm leaving again for a week next Thursday, then I'm coming back....for good! 
7/17/2000 ~ Update by Nago


Last stuff... 

Until I go to Utah. New ongoing story part up and poll results up. A new weekly fluff...which is somewhat like a monthly fluff now ^_^ . Bye now, see you all in around 10 or so days...or something. 
7/8/2000 ~ Update by Nago


A laptop...but not mine. 

I have access to this laptop, but it isn't mine, but I can update from it...and that is what is important. Kirby 64: Stage list, Item list
7/5/2000 ~ Update by Nago


Happy 4th of July to all! 

New ongoing story part. That's all for now...bye. Sorry I couldn't do more, I'm really busy.
7/4/2000 ~ Update by Nago


More Kirby 64 stuff...and lots of news about me!

Today I fixed up those pages that I update on the first of the month. I also changed the ability list to be more accurate. By the way, I updated the stage list with Kirby 64's stages...and now it isn't there. I don't know what happened, but I'll re-type it tomorrow or next time I get a chance after today. Not much is left on the Kirby 64 front that will be hard. Enemy list will be easy; I'm doing well on the enemy cards on Kirby 64. Item list will be easy; I'll do it tomorrow or whenever I get a chance after today. New news on my laptop, yeah, I know everyone is really into knowing ^_^ . I'm going to get my laptop in 2 weeks. This week I'll be updating on this machine, and a next week I'll be unable to update, I'm going to Utah to hike (yeah, I know, sounds like a waste of time, I can't agree with you more.) After Utah, I'm going to my new house in Ohio, for two weeks. Then I'm going back here (Colorado) to go to camp (yep, my summer sucks). Then I'm going back to Ohio, to stay. Don't worry, I'll be getting my laptop when I get to Ohio the first time, and I'll update tons there. And oh yeah, on, they are doing something with Kirby 64. I dunno what, though.
7/3/2000 ~ Update by Nago


Kirby 64 is what?

No, I haven't got my laptop yet, but I do have access to this computer for a couple of hours. Kirby 64 is out (duh). The review has been posted. The poll results and new on-going story results have been posted. By the way, someone e-mailed me a Kirby 64 review and I accidentally deleted it. Whoever sent that to me, re-e-mail it to me. Sorry that the links to the pages weren't in this update.
7/1/2000 ~ Update by Nago


Runs around in underwear...

FREAKAZOID, FREAKAZOID! Ok, sorry, I love that show. I found this neato little interview with the creator of Kirby. It revealed that he is doing a secret project, and it has some new ideas in it, nothing besides that confirmed. He DID mention though, that he originally made Kirby because there weren't any easy platform games around the time of the Game Boy's launch, as well as to make a game that could sell well with many kinds of people for the early years of the Game Boy. Here is a link to the interview, and I've also updated Kirby 101 with that information, and more.
6/23/2000 ~ Update by Nago


Had enough of me? No? Good!

One, final update before this computer is packed up. I've posted everything that was in my mailbox: New Fan Games section, media update, Links updated, recovered a fan art.
6/23/2000 ~ Update by Nago


Yes! Yes! Thank you god! (really!)

My computer isn't gone yet...I got my Nintendo Power today, and now I've added tons of stuff. Here's the breakdown:
Box Art, Stage List, Ability List. That means that I'm now half-way done with a game that hasn't been released in the states yet! I already have images, and N64 emulators aren't doing so well so no Save States (I count that as if I did it). This may or may not be my last update for a while, I don't know, but 2 staff members have been left to update.
6/22/2000 ~ Update by Nago


Countdown to Kirby 64 and more funky stuff...

Well, Kirby 64 is to be released in 5 days! After getting it, I'll update will a huge Kirby 64 update (When I get my laptop). Also, another addition to the Just a Team Fan Fiction series has been added. Kirby's Avalanche Manual was added. Also added is the thoughts section in Fan Stuff. The current topic: Dark Matter/Nightmare/Hyperzone. I have some bad news for all you visitors. I won't be able to update for a while, my family and I are moving, and today this computer is going to be packed. Don't worry too much, I'm going to get a laptop in less a week, and I'll get my website on that, and updates will resume. Still e-mail me at the AOL address for now, I'll get another e-mail address for my laptop. Some time soon the staff will begin updating, so there won't be much a lack of updates.
6/21/2000 ~ Update by Nago


Tilt 'n' Tumble madness!

Nintendo of Japan has released new screenshots on their new Tilt 'n' Tumble site. Go check out the new screen shots and images at this site here. Or go to their site.
6/20/2000 ~ Update by Nago


Flying Cows...

...are here to get you! Today I put up some more poll responses and more to the Just a team Fan Fiction series. I also uploaded the Weekly Fluff that I didn't upload yesterday.
6/19/2000 ~ Update by Nago


Welcome to my underground lair...

Ok, here it is: the content update that you have been waiting for is finally here. It took me a while, but finally, everything is uploaded. See the games pages to see what I've added. I've also added a couple more sections and pages. Go check it out! By the way, if you haven't noticed, updates are now in neato little update boxes. That's because I'm letting the staff update. (yeah, I know what I said before) The weekly fluff has been posted, and sorry for the wait, I had to find time to upload everything. Some sections will, for now, but soon they will be fixed and finished up. 
6/18/2000 ~ Update by Nago

Everyone go check out the new Kirby 64 site at ! It has some pretty neat stuff there. It also says in its FAQ that Kirby 64 will be released on the 26th of this month, instead of the 27th as previously stated. Anyway, the content thing is doing pretty good. I have done most of what I can do...all that is left is to type up the Super Star manual and work on some of the guides and do some more screenshots. Once we have most of the stuff we need, then I'll upload it all, plus all the other files on the site to try to prevent 404 not founds. Sorry that this update sucks, I'm really working hard on content.


From now until I update with the huge content update, updates may be every other day to the old 3 days until update. Project Popstar is a huge success. I'm doing all that I can to do it, but some parts I can't do. For that, I need you. E-mail me with stuff if you have it. The Weekly Fluff is today's update, along with switching the banners (thanks Pink Puff Kirby!).

I've been adding some content to the site (but you can't see it yet), and the entire Project: Popstar is doing pretty well. We've been getting some support from the visitors, but we still need more! We have poll responses along with a new Fan Fiction.

Well, I got a new plan for updating content. I'll work on it separately, and update content when I have an entire game covered. Go see more on the newly-revamped Project: Popstar Page. I also got poll responses up. 

Sorry for not updating yesterday, I completely forgot =( . I made some fixes to the

I got the weekly fluff done, another fan fiction, and here is the big content update:
SSB: Review, Enemy List, Ability List, Box Art, Stage List, Guide


ANOTHER fan fiction of the continuing Just a Team series. Tomorrow is the big content update, and it will all be for SSB.

Today, I added yet another fan fiction, combined the Just a Team series of Fan Fictions all on one page.

Not much today (as usual), just a fan fiction.

FTP problems were the reason I didn't update yesterday, sorry. Today, I have a Fan Fiction posted from Pink Puff Kirby. You've probably realized by now that most of the updates have been Fan-sent ones, and I haven't gotten much content up. Well, you're right, but to show you that I can do content updates still (and we need some more content), there will be a big content update on Friday. Feel free to help by seeing what we lack in the Help Wanted section and send in stuff that we don't have.

Well, for today, I posted the weekly fluff that should have been posted yesterday....I also have a fan fiction posted from Pink Puff Kirby.

Kirby RPG Box launched today...why are you still here! GO! Click the link! ^_^

Today I unveil the new comics section! Go take a look! 

I'm sorry about the lack of updates, this update has just about everything in my mailbox that has been there since the beginning of the month. The poll has been updated, the ongoing story has been updated, and there is a new fan fiction. PLEASE post on the message board, it's kinda empty right now, and if you want me to add new topics to it, e-mail me and I'll add it! I've been getting lots of questions about Kirby RPG Box, and I can now safely tell you now that it is 90% complete and it just might launch this month.

Sorry about yesterday's update link problems...those are now fixed, so now go post on the message board! I also fixed some links on the Kirby stuff for computer, so go check that out! Real content coming soon.

I now have a new plan for updating, since summer will start very soon for me, I'm going to daily updates! Starting tomorrow, I'll update everyday! Today's update is very small, but huge for fans of the site: I got a
message board! Go post your heart out! I also changed the Site Info. and Help Wanted pages because we now have two new staff members!

The weekly fluff...and that's it...I'll update tomorrow with some more stuff.

Small update tonight, I didn't have much time to put together an update...this is the last week of school for me and things just got a lot last day is a half day next Monday, and then it's summer for me! Ok, now on with the update: New game ideas and an addition to the on-going story.

New for tonight is the Kirby's Pinball Land Box Art and new Poll results. Pretty soon I hope to add a message board and other stuff...also, I need a graphics person...go look at the help wanted section for more info.

Well, it finally happened, I re-launched Kirby Box! I added tons of stuff! I have a new weekly fluff (a letter from me about Kirby Box v. 2.5) Go take a look around, and also, Kirby RPG Box will launch soon, so keep an eye out for that.

I put down the site to work on it, and make Kirby Box v. 2.5, and at this time, there was no updates.

I didn't make this clear, but the first scheduled chat is NEXT Monday, sorry for not making that clear. Here is a list of updated stuff:
Site Stuff: Site FAQ, Spin-off sites page
Kirby's Pinball Land: "Music"
Kirby's Dream Land 2: Enemy List

Sorry for not updating yesterday, real life got in the way. First off, there is a new weekly fluff, second, Kirby Box now has an IRC channel, Undernet #Kirby, the chat time is Monday, 9:00 Eastern/8 central/7 Mountain/6 Pacific (PM). Thanks tons to Kindar of Rainbow Resort for getting the chat channel and allowing KB to share it. I got a bunch a content up today....this next week I hope to finish everything up to Kirby's Super Star. And as always, if you have stuff, send it! (Note on the added guides; there are no screenshots right now, I'll add them later)
Kirby's Adventure: Mini guide
Kirby's Dreamland 2: Mini guide
Kirby's Block Ball: Images
Kirby's Avalanche: Images

This main page layout is a little messy right now, but now people with Netscape can see this page...anyway, today's update includes: I found the person who got those Kirby's Avalanche Screenshots, poll results, a new mailbag, and some more content:
Kirby's Block Ball: Enemy list
Kirby's Dream Land 2: Save State

Sorry for the lame update today, I got less then half the time I wanted to work on Kirby Box today. This next week, though, will be an exiting week for KB, I'm going to get tons of content up. Now for the update: Kirby's Dream Course Ability List and Kirby's Avalanche screenshots. Also, new help wanted job in the Help Wanted section. 

New the weekly fluff...that's about it.

No real content for today's update, sorry. I added a poll responses, a changed link in the links page, new game idea, and new looks for the articles, fan fictions, mailbags and game ideas, to cut loading time on those pages. This Saturday I plan to work on Kirby Box around 12 hours, if you have anything from KDL-KAVA, then send it on Friday, or on Saturday. (Go see the Project: Popstar page if you don't know what I mean)

Just a little bit of new stuff, Project: Popstar page is up, I re-made the Ghost Trap page.

"Uh-oh" that's all that is in my mind right now after checking out IGN64's Kirby 64 review...go to The Fluff Room for more info...and I have a little tidbit: I have the Kirby's Avalanche Box Art and the weekly fluff on 2D games.

Since I decided that I'm going to be the only one to update Kirby Box, I've taken away the little red-hat Kirby. Kirby Box is now affiliated with Kirby's Rainbow Resort, a great Kirby site. Today is a BIG update! Not as much as I have wanted, but you know, I have to live sometime. I've deleted the scans links in the media section. Because I've added so much, I'm going to list it out by game:
Kirby's Adventure: Ability List
Kirby's Pinball Land: Enemy List
Kirby's Dream Course: Stage List
Kirby's Dreamland 2: Ability List
Kirby's Block Ball: Review, Ability List, Stage List
Kirby's Avalanche: Stage List

4/3/2000 Update by Nago
Well, for today, I have Poll results, Ongoing story part, new article, Kirby's Dream Land 2 Box art, and Kirby's Pinball Land Images. My goal is for by the end of April, I hope to have every game up to Kirby's Avalanche done. Please help in any way you can...

3/31/2000 2nd update Update by Nago
I'm proud to introduce the fluff room to Kirby Box. It is the news section of this site, and will be maintained by me, separate of Kirby Box. I suggest to bookmark the fluff room if you want up-to-the-minute Kirby news. 

3/31/2000 Update by Nago
I've deleted all my scans on my computer, they took up so much space and it would have taken days to upload. The site information section has also been updated. I've added a save state and a movie of Kirby's Adventure. The ability list and the guide are being worked on someone else, and he'll give them to me in time. In the mean time, I'm going to start on Kirby's Pinball Land! I'm done with the stage list, so I'm off to a good start! ^_^ Also, take a look at the weekly fluff.

3/30/2000 2nd update Update by Nago
Kirby 64 is out in Japan! Go take a look at IGN64, they took a bunch of pictures and movies of the game, and my new rule for getting screenshots of Kirby 64 is to get them from and no where else. 

3/30/2000 Update by Nago
Sorry for not updating yesterday, I was on a trip (it's spring break for me) but I do have a pretty-good update. First of all, I've made a separate page for the updates that I did in the first year of this site's existence. I've also added a bug to the bugs page, fixed some information on the Kirby guide (and the print version), added screenshots of the ending of Kirby's Dream Land, added the ending screenshots the KDL guide as well as added a save state for KDL in the new save states page. I think I'm done with the Kirby's Dream Land stuff (look at the birthday special to see what I mean), so next is Kirby's Adventure.

3/26/2000 Update by Nago
Well, now it has been a year since I started my Kirby site, Kirby HQ. Between that day and now, it has gone through numerous design changes, a ton of server changes, and even a name change. Go take a look at the birthday special and the first chapter for Kirby: Alternate Universe.