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3/25/2000 Update by Nago
First of all, I would welcome all those new visitors to Kirby Box. Anyway, on with the update. I did the weekly fluff, and most of the pages have a link back to their section if they were a page that belongs in a sub-section. Tomorrow is Kirby Box's birthday...I'll do a birthday special, and post the first chapter for Kirby: Alternate Universe.

3/24/2000 Update by Nago
2 days until Kirby Box's birthday! Anyway, tomorrow Kirby Box will be at Zophar's Domain, just come here tomorrow and see where we moved to! Ok, enough talk, on with the update! Some Kirby's Dream Land pictures, and I've decided to put the weekly fluff on hold until tomorrow, when kb gets to Zophar's Domain. Also, in the new issue of Nintendo Power, (April 2000)
there is a small look at Kirby 64.
~Don't touch the monkey~ Mike, his answer to do a quote. 

Update by Nago
Well, I got up the rest of the Kirby's Dream Land guide... and a ton of screenshots for KDL, too. That's it for today, Kirby Box is going to turn one this Sunday, and by then, I'll be on a much better host then this one (xoom). Also, has a movie of the commercial of Kirby 64.

3/18/2000 Update by Nago
Today's update is: Kirby's Dream Land 2 stage list addition, and I've posted by to my fan fiction. Updated the news section, as well.
And last, but not least: Go check Nintendo Of Japan's Kirby 64 information page:
Thanks to Kirby's Rainbow Resort for the Kirby 64 stuff.

~One hundred Billion Dollars!~

3/17/2000 Update by Nago
Hi, today is the weekly fluff, subject...well, go read it, it will probably interest you. Also, thanks to Bryce, we have a new splash image! Go see it on the splash page
~Down the rabbit hole~

3/15/2000 Update by Nago
Nothing much today, just a stage list and a help wanted pages are up. KB is going to move to a much better server sometime soon, so...that's good. ^_^
~Man, I hope Thursday is a snow day!~

Update by Nago
I changed the graphic back to the Kirby, but it will still say Nago. Anyway, the update today is an article, Kirby's Adventure enemies, and poll responses. 
~Buttered Toast~ 

3/10/2000 Update by Nago
The weekly fluff: subject: Playstation 2. By the way, some people have been e-mailing me asking "Why did you make that site? You don't mention it on KB" And they are referring to other sites that have webmasters/staff with the name of James. I'm going to start changing all the "James" to my favorite animal friend, Nago. 
~Nago is cool!~

3/9/2000: 2nd Update Update by James
Wow, another update in one day! Kirby Box is the first site to have information and screenshots on the new 4-player modes of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards! Also, I put up some more Kirby 64 screenshots and I updated the news page!
Quote: It stayed the same as the update below.

3/9/2000 Update by James
Big games update today. I have changed all of the games pages' design, I put up some guides in the re-opened guides section, added several screenshots, and I changed a bunch of screenshot file names. I also added some petition signatures and I also changed the manuals slightly. Also, I found out the ROM I was playing that did that glitch stage in my game was a "dirty" ROM, so I trashed it. That's it for now...tomorrow is the weekly fluff.
~By the 12th of June, this site gets nearly done, because Kirby 64 is coming out that day!~

3/6/2000 Update by James
I have a nice update/news items for you all. First off, some more animations were added, along with a new article. Also, in the coming updates, look for the return of the guides section. Time is running out, and I need to get tons of stuff done before Kirby 64 comes out, so I can focus on that, rather then focusing on the older games. Now to the news. Kirby Box turns one on the 26th, this month. "What? I thought this site went up in January!"  Well, Kirby HQ, the old site, got turned into what you see right now, so Kirby Box will turn one on the 26th. Another news item is that I found some weird glitch in Kirby's Adventure... it's only happened once so far, and I really didn't know how it happened. I was playing Kirby's Adventure (on an emulator) and I was fighting Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright (for the 1,000th time) and the game kinda glitched up, and the next thing I knew, I was in some sort of "lost level" with tons of enemies on the screen. I explored a tad, then the emulator crashed. I had trouble with opening Kirby's Adventure, but I did open it eventually, and I fought Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright again, and everything was normal....weird.
~ZIP IT!~ My response to people telling me to update. 

3/4/2000 Update by James
Well, I've put up a new design, added some poll stuff, and added to the Kirby's Super Star Stacker petition.
~Kirby is not a Pokémon!~

3/3/2000 Update by James
Brand-new the weekly fluff...and tomorrow I'll have the new design up some time, along with some other updates.

Update by James
Ok, this update includes the first edition of the mailbag and some new links.

2/27/2000 Update by James
Sorry, I've been working for other sites lately... But I DO have an update. First off, I have the weekly fluff, brand new Kirby 64 screenshots, and Kirby Super Star Stacker enemies! From now on, I'll update every 3 days. That means the next update will be on the 1st of March (it's a leap year, you know).

Update by James
See, I updated less then a month from the previous update! =) Anyway, I got all the Fan Art back up, I think.

2/21/2000 Update by James
Arg. VGF got on my nerves one too many times, so now we are on Xoom. I did the weekly fluff, and I added tons of content, including a scans mini-section, 8 new Manga pictures, I finished the story and item list section, and I also added a new specials section (link at the bottom of the main page)! 

2/1/2000: The counter is back, finally. Bunch more Kirby 64 coverage. Also, I put up a petition about Kirby's Super Star Stacker. I'll probably update tomorrow, but I can't make any promises.

1/28/ 2000: Not much of an update today. I just fixed a bunch of stuff and I put together a article for the weekly fluff. Real content next update, I promise.

1/22/2000: Welcome to Kirby Box! This is one of the most complete Kirby sites on the internet! Kirby Box was once Kirby HQ, but when my computer killed itself, I was able to save some stuff from Kirby HQ on disks. I completely re-made Kirby HQ into Kirby Box. I've added an easier layout and design for easier navigation. I'll update soon, don't worry...

KHQ turned into Kirby Box because my computer killed itself on October 13th, 1999. I saved most of KHQ on disks, and re-made it into Kirby Box!

Un-achievable updates (about 15 or so updates)

9/4/99: Hi, sorry, I got a little side-tracked from this site, but school is getting tough. Anyway, a new Poll responce is up, a new Kirby's Dream Land 2 guide, and a little note from me saying what I'm going to do with this site. See you all later.

9/1/99: No, I'm not dead, I'm alive, but school got in my way, and school is first...Anyway, More Poll responces, Kirby's Dream Land Guide, Who's Kirby? mini-section linked off of this page, a bunch of new Kirby downloads, an updated Kirby 64 preview/news, and that's it. Updates will be bi-daily now, just to let you know.

8/18/99: Some more Poll responses, and a new link in the Links section (a link the the Links section is below). School starts tomarrow, so please don't expect daily updates any more.

8/16/99: No more small updates, I'm back, and I'm ready to make bigger updates! To start off, I re-did some parts of all the info. pages in the games section. I also put up the Kirby's Dream Land 3 Guide, As well as put up a ton of Kirby Animations by MooCow013. Site Info. has been updated for the 6000th hit. And as usual, a bunch of Poll responses.

8/15/99: I FINALLY fixed the left side. Sorry about all of this left side junk, now it should be fixed for good. 

8/14/99: Hey, I'm back a little early, you know, I just can't leave KHQ's left side as it is, and boy, do I have an update for you! All the downloads section links SHOULD be working. Also, I have a Fan Fiction by Antics for you! YAY! That's it for now, BTMVFKHQ.(Back to my vacation from Kirby HQ.)

8/13/99 Nite: Well, I FINALLY fixed the left side...I couldn't earlier because of the server changes...well, good nite, I'll probably have another update tomorrow...

8/13/99: ANOTHER update to the left side, as you can see. I've also done a lot of other stuff, like above. I sure hope you like this new layout! It might not look like it, but you can click the left buttons, and when you are on another page, you can click the graphic above to get to this page. Yet another Games update today! I fixed the game pages here and there, and I also did a Super Smash Bros. Info Page. Oh yeah, there is also a small Poll update. I guess Friday the 13th is a Games section day here on KHQ!

8/12/99: Huge Games update today, A new review for Kirby's Adventure, A new image for Kirby's Block Ball, and a new section-box arts. And even after ALL of that, I still have one more thing, Kirby Jokes! Check it out,  do check it out!

8/11/99: I think everyone has had enough of the serious side of KHQ, so now, the site shall get funnier. Ok, now that I'm done blabing, here's the update: A new interview! YAY! Isn't that just neat?

8/10/99: Big changes, you've probably seen the new left side of the site. Click on the buttons, they still lead to their sections. Also, look above, it's the:  "Comment of the update". Also, the ultimate kirby guide is finally updated. I'm thinking of doing an opinions mini-section in the fan stuff section. If you think I should do this, e-mail me.

8/9/99: Sorry about not a another update yesterday, I had FTP promblems. Today, I changed the middle of this page, added a news page, and another addition to media.

8/8/99: Not much of an update today, I just changed the entry page. Expect another update today.

8/7/99: Lot's of new stuff: Kirby's Adventure and Kirby's Block Ball Info. Pages are up! The Name Game is now in Hall-of-Fame. A new name game will be put up shortly, and a new Game Idea. Site Info. has also been updated for 5000 hits.

8/6/99 Later in the morning: Hi again, I changed the manuels so it is easier to print and load. I also changed the Pokémon Snap page. Expect another update today.

8/6/99: Go check out the 5 sections again, I changed them a tad...besides that, I have nothing else to say.

8/5/99: Holy Cow! I leave for a week and when I come back, KHQ is off the face of the 'net! Then I leave 3 days after I get back! Whoa! Anyway, tell everyone that KHQ IS back on-line, updated, and better then ever! I've changed A LOT of stuff. Every section has been updated, so look around.

7/17/99 Afternoon: Well, I changed banners, because something happened to the old one...expect a HUGE update when I get back on the 23rd. Yeah, I know, that's going to be a quite some time, but when I come back, expect a Guides update, Enemy List update, and a Neglected Kirby Characters update. For now, just go visit the NC and have a fun time.

7/17/99: Stuff is a-hapening all over the place, more Poll results, I got rid of the Game List pages, I added 2 more enemys to the Enemy List, and on this sunday I'm leaving for camp, then 3 days after I get back, I'm leaving AGAIN, so expect some more stuff coming...really soon.

7/16/99: No, I didn't have coloring trouble in the banner above, Kirby Magna looks like that. More Magna! Yippie!

7/15/99:  Did you like my joke yesterday? You didn't? Oh well. Anyway, today, there is actually a good-sized update! YAY! Anyway, I got some pictures of Kirby Magna(comic books in Japan), so that comes with a media update! The bugs page has been added to, and a Poll update! Also, I think the music is working on this page...

7/14/99: The new project is about done, you should be able to see it in a couple of days...anyway, I have re-desained the middle part of this page, now it is better to read! I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but expect bigger ones once I'm done with this new project...

7/13/99: Sorry, but this new project that should had been up today isn't...It's big! Anyway, new Poll responces.

7/12/99: I added to the Media section, and a new Game Idea...and that's it. Expect a bigger update tomarrow...

7/11/99: I would like to tell everyone something before I update. My Kirby's Super Star game, with EVERYTHING done on it, 100% and everything, well, yesterday, I got a werid bunch of squares and stuff on the screen when I turned it on. I then turned it on again, and all of my save files were GONE. That means I have to go back and do everything again...oh well. Anyway, the updates for today are small. New Game Idea, new Kirby's Super Star Music, and a Poll responce. Well, now I got to go and play Kirby's Super Star...oh yeah, did I mention that KHQ is starting to get 100 hits A DAY! Wow. Well, see ya later.

7/10/99: First off, we passed 3000 hits yesterday! YAY! Anyway, I've updated the Site Info for that. New Links in the links section, a little werid thing-about the mix in Kirby's Adventure. Poll update(when will you guys stop! ;-)) New MIDI's in the ever-growing Music section. Also, a new fan art! And last but not least, we can now be voted for the Top 500 Video Game sites! Right by the counter is the link, so click that to vote for me!

7/9/99: Look above for one of the updates. Yet another update to the games section, and a Poll & a Name Game update. And a shot to the arm to the enemy list, thanks to . That's it. See you later.

7/8/99: Did a little update in the games, and I posted all the screen shots I have in the screen shot section, as well as a Fan Stuff Poll update. And if you are really hungrey for updates, new Letters!

7/6/99: A new Fan Fiction, and a new sub-section in other...Interviews! On a side note, I will be leaving for about 2 days. See you later.

7/5/99: A middle-sized update. You should see by now that I have changed this page a tad. New Name Game responces, a new article by Toasty, and a new message board for the Downloads section, as well as a new section in the downloads.

7/4/99: Tired of updates? Too bad! This time I have edited the left side(again) and I have added to the games(MIDI links) and added some MIDI's!

7/2/99 Afternoon: Hi again. This time, I have changed the Site Info page a tad, and added the awards page(linked from Site Info). I also music for the downloads section. Well, I'll see you later.

7/2/99: Yes! The new KHQ is complete! Check out all of the stuff, no, I'm not going to list all of the changes.

6/29/99: Another day, another update. Ok people, I have gotten the re-desain up in my head and down on paper. Now it's time to put it in the computer. The entire page will be re-done. I'll see you 3 days from now, with the new and improved Kirby Headquarters! Oh yeah, I might update my Home Page a couple of times before it, who knows? And one more note, DON'T BOOKMARK ANYTHING BESIDES THIS AND THE ENTRY PAGE! I'll see you later...

6/28/99: I have made a new section, manuels, in the information section, expect a manuel in the next couple of days. New download in the download section, in the sprites section. I have added a little note to the download section as well. Small other updates here and there. I've also updated my home page. The new secret section of the site will go up in a couple of days... maybe, I'm not sure yet.

6/27/99: Hello again, this time, I have moved the names of the sections(on their main pages) to the far left, so It is easier to see. Oh yeah, if you are having promblems viewing the site, just e-mail me. Oh yeah, my own home page is up! After I get done with the re-desain, my secret project will probably go up....I can't make any promises.

6/26/99: Hey all! I'm back! I changed this and the entry page a tad, and I'm having a Microsoft Frontpage '98, the left shared boarder is really big, and I don't know how to re-size it. If anyone can help, e-mail me.

6/18/99 Night: I usually don't update twice a day, put today I have finished the Downloads section. I'm going to leave for the Teatons on sunday...and come back on sunday, next week. When I come back, there will be some very cool updates...wpe5.gif (838 bytes) 

6/18/99: Well, I've began packing for my trip to the teatons...yippie. Anyway, before I leave for the next week, I've done some re-modeling on the site, hope you like it...anyway, we have some new letters, new media, and some kinda-new bio's in our sorta-new Negleted Kirby Characters section, the Story section was fixed up, and a new bugs page.

6/17/99: Big Revamp. I have found that some of the text on parts of the site mess up and take longer to load.... A lot of the stuff on the site has been moved around and changed. The links are now at the bottem. Also, KHQ now has an offical mascot, Sleep Kirby!: wpe7.gif (887 bytes) Have fun! :-)

6/15/99: Well, today, we don't have much...just one new Media update(Kirby Magna!) and a Poll update...But, here is some news: I'm going to re-do 2 sections of the site: Information and Fan Stuff. It should have a better layout then before(I hope!)

6/14/99: Hey, you should see that the main page has been updated. Duh. Anyway, I have a big Fan Stuff Update for you...A new Game Idea, A new Name Game Responce, as well as a Poll Responce, I also have a new batch of letters! I'll see you later.

6/12/99: Hey, now KHQ is on SMBHQ! Yes! Oh yeah, the banners need to be on every page, so the server can keep going! I have changed most of the site, go take a look around!

6/6/99: Jay Resop now runs the Trivia section, We have some fan art, a new article(not by me) and the contest page should be up next update(I promise). The Images page is now linked from the Fan Stuff section. I'm trying to have at least one update a day for as long as I can, so lets see if I can pull it off!

6/5/99: Small update, Poll update. New poll.

6/4/99: Media update. A big Image update, a link to the page with all the image files on the site can be found on the Main Page. Next: Contest and Trivia(I think!)

6/3/99: We're back on AOL, and I'll tell you why. On Netscape, it says at the top of the page: "This is a Xoom member page." I never said I wanted that, and they edited my HTML for the main page. I did not like that, and they never awnsered my questions either. Anyway, small update, I have the first addition of the Letters online! Next: Trivia and Contest pages. Oh yeah, we are the sister site to the Negleted Mario Characters.

6/2/99: Sorry for the lack of updates, KHQ has a new logo, above. I got rid of the Graphics section, put up my guide to Kirby in the Guides section. I got rid of the quotes for now, and also, soon, I will re-desain the front page so it looks better. I will also hold a contest, and the winner will get a special prize. The prize will be a file attached to an e-mail, and soon I will make a page that has all the details. All the rest of the updates are in the old news section. Oh yeah, now that I am out of school, there should be more updates!


5/27/99: Kirby 64 update! A new version of Kirby 64 was at E3! I just saw the screen shots last night! Here is the preview, with screenshots! Remember which Kirby site got it first! Also, we have a guides person, and misc. has been called other.                                                                                           

5/26/99: Huge update! Update your bookmarks, we are at! The ! is not a part of the URL, just to let you know. the  All the sections have been moved into larger sections! The Games has all the stuff on the games, Information is stuff like Character Bio's and profiles, Fan Stuff is the section for all sumbitted stuff! The Misc. section is still the same, though. A new main image has been added to the main page (but you already know that), two new media updates, a new article, a new Link on the links page, some new images in the previews section, the Poll has been put up to date, new images for the big sections, new images for the little sections, Fan Art and Music are new sections in the Fan Stuff section, and a new name game! Don't expect another update for a couple of days.

5/19/99: We changed to Xoom yesterday! Now we have 11 mega bytes instead of just 2! Anyway, the links page has been updated, as well as the destroction of the Features page, that infomation in now on the Game List page, in the Lists section. The features on the characters is now called profiles.

5/17/99: Really Big update! Kirby 64 confirmed! Nintendojo apperently saw this at E3! Here is the profile of the game. (From Nintendojo) Also, the Super Smash Bros. guide is fixed!(Not THAT way, you sickos) The Previews section has been updated, with new news on all the games, and a new page on the color games that will probably come out on the GBC. The Reviews section now has images on the pages, as well. The Name Game has been updated with a new hall-of-fame. New Character features are up! Poll has also been updated! Later in the Day- New Trivia.

5/11/99: I tried to update last night, but my FTP program went crazy. Well, I finally got around posting Sam's Super Smash Bros. Guide! It has a ton of stuff in it! The music SHOULD be running on the front page.

5/9/99: You have probably seen what I posted on the main page. I need your help so the page can grow and grow! Send in stuff! There is a new week of Trivia, the Story section is up, I updated the media section, Name Game hall of fame update, and I have a new feature on the characters! Next-more game features and bio's, and maybe(if you send stuff) some submitted stuff!

5/8/99: Small update, I need someone who can do graphics, see the help wanted page for more information. I updated the main page, and I also updated the media section with two new articles. The story section will be up by next update. Also, I remember what the Message Board URL is(I've known it a while back), so you can post messages again.

5/7/99: I updated the Credits page and ability list pages. I'm working on some animated GIF's, and if anyone has some Kirby Pictures, I'm going to open up a new section filled with pictures, because graphics will is all alone in a page.

5/3/99: I wrote up the Super Smash Bros. feature, and updated the help wanted page for someone with the Kirby game for the SNESNP. If you have it, go to that page! By the way, if anyone has FrontPage '98, and knows how to find out the size of an entire web, I would really appreciate it!

5/2/99: Well, I have some good news, and some bad news. The bad news is, I can't get Super Smash Bros. till school lets out, so I'm sad, but, my friend and I traded games over the weekend, so I can play Super Smash Bros.! I'll write a review and feature on it some time. The good news is, the page has more sections now! Go look around! I have a new features section, new trivia section, features on the characters, renamed Character bio's to Characters, and most of the page's address' have been changed, so it's more organized. Also, you probably notice that the top banner is gone, well, at the bottom of each page, there is a link back where you came from. By the way, I'm running out of Kirby facts for Quick Fact, so e-mail me with facts! A new reader review is up too.

4/26/99: This is in the morning, so I can't go to Sears and buy Super Smash Bros. yet, but anyway, when I get it later today, I will review it and write that feature. A new article is up on Kirby's History, too! Also, this site has been up for a month now! Hurrah!

4/25/99: 1 day till smash bros! Anyway, that bigger update that I said yesterday will be done sometime this week, but if you want to become a staff member, go to the help wanted page.

4/24/99: 2 days till smash bros! Try the forms on the Polls and Name Game, I don't know if they work or not. Anyway, you probably notice that the Kirbypedia is no more, well, I thought it was better to just have separate sections. Besides that, I have nothing else, but expect a even bigger update on Sunday, till then, send in stuff!

4/23/99: Only 3 more days till Smash Bros., and tonite I have a small update: I have forms for the Polls and the Name Game! Tomorrow I will have a bigger update!

4/22/99: Hi again. You probably know about the gun shooting 2 days ago in Colorado. The fact is, I live in Colorado, I can't tell you where, but this gun shooting could happen in my school, or it could happen in your school. The fact is, it can happen in anyone's school. Before wrapping this up though, I would like you to pray for the families of all the children, the ones that made it, the ones that didn't and the shooting students, who took 15 lives that day, including their own. There might be some people in your school that are outcasts, and if you don't what a possible repeat of what happened in that High School, I think you should be the outcast's friend, even if it means you lose your public image.

Have you seen the advertisement for Smash Bros.? It's weird that they would show Kirby, but I guess after a nearly 2 years of no games in America, they need to show him again. Anyway, I making a Smash Bros. Feature, more then the normal stuff that I've been doing lately. I'm trying to rent the Adventures of LoLo so I can review it. More updates on the way!

4/20/99: Sorry again, Microsoft FrontPage locked up, and I couldn't update. Anyway, I found what the problem was, so now I'm updating! A new bio. is up, a new Graphic section, a new article and I have a countdown to Smash Bros. on the front page. By the way, I won't say that I updated the Quick Fact, because that is updated almost everyday. NEWS FLASH!!!! HAL Labs is working on Pokemon Pinball! I saw this last night! If you want proof, go here, and right below Pikachu it says who made the game! NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!! READ THIS! While on Nintendo of Japan's web site, I saw a game with Kirby with it! On the Nintendo Power of the site(NP in Japan is a download device to download many games on one cart) on the "New" game part, on page 1, the 5th game down, there is a Kirby Game! It might be Kirby's Super Star Stacker, go here to see it(it's the 5th game down). If you can read their writing, please tell me what it says. Here's my e-mail.

4/15/99: Sorry for not having a lot of updates, I was going to yesterday, but something happened at school that I really don't want to talk about. Anyway, I'm going to do a "Quick Fact" about Kirby almost everyday.

4/8/99: Big update! Almost everypage has been updated to have Comic Sans MS!

4/4/99: I have a Message Board now, so go take a look! Also, I have found some links to some other Kirby Pages, I put up the links, and I started a new page. Go to the links section for that.

4/2/99: If you fell for that April Fool's joke, you ARE a fool! Ha! Anyway, I posted the Game Ideas section, so go take a lookie!

4/1/99: NEWS FLASH! A new Kirby game is in the works! I went to the Japanese Nintendo site and I saw a new game! Below the Japanese writing, it said: Kirby Beat-em up! It looks really cool! I saw Kirby, Knuckle Joe, King DeDeDe and MetaKnight! More on this on Friday!

3/30/99: I ment to update this yesterday, but I was busy, so here you go! I added a F.A.Q. to Misc. Go check it out! And I finally got the Name Game up! Go take a look!

3/28/99: I redid the address for the reviews page, but don't worry, you can still get to it. I also put a notice on the polls page and I updated the main page a tad. Later in the day: Poll update. Even later: I have a counter! It's on the front page!

3/26/99: I put this page on the web! Look around! I'll update in a little while.